Public Transportation at Sao Paulo – practical tips!

With 11 million people homed at São Paulo (25% of the State) and just 74, 3 km of metropolitan lines (metro or subway network) sometimes is difficult to travel around the city.

Here are some tips for you who wants to travel safely and calm through the city:

–          Be careful with your personal belongs. Pickpockets are common near or even at public transportation.

–          Be sure you have a map like this one to show and point at when you are circulating through the city, because in Brazil just a small amount of the population speaks a foreign language. They are really nice and sympathetic even when they don’t know English or another language, so, don’t need for panic. If you know, you can try some basic Portuguese like “obrigado” for “thanks” and “por favor” for “please”. Even if you try a little of Spanish it will be well accepted and maybe also well understood!

–          Be sure you know the name of the bus you are going to take. You can take the directions at google maps and then confirm in what street or avenue you have to get off the bus here:

–          The Center of the city is Praça da Se and there are also lots of bus terminals, the more important one is Parque Dom Pedro. There you can take buses to the majority of the city.

–          There are two business important centers: Paulista Avenue and Faria Lima Avenue. You can access both through the Metro/subway.

–          Really important: avoid peak hour at public transportation or even driving a car. Off-peak you can travel really faster. Peak is from Monday to Friday mornings from 7am until 9am and afternoons from 6pm until 7.30 pm.

–          During the summer, if it rains a lot when you are in a peak hour at the street you may try to stay where you are, because the city turns into a real caos!

–          If you have to travel at a peak hour by subway, try to buy your ticket in advance, if its possible, in order not to wait a lot at the queue.

 I think that’s all! 😉


Cantareira Park – Parque da Cantareira


In Cantareira Park, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, there are extremely beautiful walking trails to do.

The park is devided into 4 parts: the most famous one, which is Pedra Grande, and the other 3: Engordador, Águas Claras and Cabuçu (Cabuçu is the newest one).

Pedra Grande has some short trails and a long one. This longest one is really beautiful, it is called Pedra Grande (great stone) and it is rated as difficult, however, its just because you have to ascend forever (!!!) but, as you can see in the firts photograph the trail is open, clean and easy. There you can see lots of families, including children and elderly people climbing up.


And the view of Sao Paulo is fantastic from the great stone.

At Pedra Grande is possible for you to see an small lake where you can stop to eat (carry your own meal, there are no restaurants there), to go to the bathroom and drink some water, see the fishes and the bamboos. Moreover, your children can use the playgrond.


From Pedra Grande, you can go to Águas Claras walking through the Sussuarana trail. It’s really interesting that sussuarana means puma, the animal has been seen just one time there, but the trail was named sussuarana because of this episode.

Águas Claras means clear water. There you can see just one little wide flow of fresh water, but its interesting anyway.

Águas Claras has a trail with lots of araucarias and samambaia trees. Its a closed trail, with some bugios (monkeys) and silence =)


Engordador is far from the other 2 described above. Its wonderful! with wild nature, a dam, 2 walking trails and 1 bicycle trail.

Its really small (the walking trails are about 3 km and 350 meters each one), but you can picnic (carring your own food again) and your children can play at the playground. and the main trail has cute waterfalls. =)


I don’t know Cabuçu, because its the newest part of the park. Its far away from the other ones but you can reach all of them its easily.


How to get there?


Pedra Grande – Rua do Horto (Horto Street), 1799

(it is near the entrance of Horto Florestal – a big garden with a lake and lots of animals, free entry and also highly recommended to be visited)

you can go by car, its located at the north of the city of Sao Paulo.

You can also go by bus. The bus is called Horto Florestal and you can take it at the Parada Inglesa subway station.

Águas Claras – Av. Senador Jose Erminio de Moraes, no number. Its near the boundary between Sao Paulo and Mairipora cities.

You can go by car. However, if you preffer, as I’ve already said, you can go by foot, walking through the sussuarana trail (Pedra Grande).

Engordador – Av. Coronel Sezefredo Fagundes, 19. 100.

Also you can go by car, its near Fernao Dias, a well known road at SP.

By bus, you can take it at Tucuruvi subway station a bus called Cachoeira.

Cabuçu – Av. Pedro de Souza Lopes, 7903

You can go by car, paying attention to the numbers of the avenue and asking whenever you can to local pleople, because it seems to be confused to reach the place.

By bus, you can take at tucuruvi subway station a bus called Acácio. Again: ask (!) at the bus or at the street how to get there, they surely will know.